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[JIRA] (HHH-15599) Support conditional order-by clauses in QueryBuilder
by Patrick Lübbecke (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
[JIRA] (HHH-15661) ClassCastException in Select
by Arne Theß (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
[JIRA] (HHH-15660) Make use of ReflectionOptimizer in more cases
by Christian Beikov (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
[JIRA] (HHH-15659) Time zone format issue resulting in "ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string"
by abhijith ca (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
[JIRA] (HHH-15658) Embeddable with more fields than the parent fails with Index out of Bounds
by Phil Haeusler (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
[JIRA] (HBX-2420) Hibernate tools are not published to Maven Central
by Mathias Nicolajsen Kjærgaard (JIRA)
1 year, 4 months
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