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WFLY-2422 or simplifying the remote outbound connection configuration for server to server communication
by Wolf-Dieter Fink
7 years, 4 months
Dropping legacy XSD schemas & its parsers
by Tomaž Cerar
7 years, 4 months
Management Parser Versioning
by Darran Lofthouse
7 years, 6 months
Embedded Arquillian Container
by Lukas Fryc
7 years, 7 months
Management operation for legacy subsystem migration
by Jeff Mesnil
7 years, 7 months
WildFly leaking sockets when response not fully read when using AJP
by arjan tijms
7 years, 7 months
by Brian Stansberry
7 years, 7 months
CLI 'module add/remove' Command Discussion
by Edward Wertz
7 years, 7 months
WildFly NoSQL integration prototype
by Scott Marlow
7 years, 7 months
Early Access builds for JDK 9 b60 and JDK 8u60 b12 are available on java.net
by Rory O'Donnell
7 years, 7 months
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