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[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5457) QueryTranslatorImpl.doCompile() to handle IllegalStateExceptions
by Jürgen (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5456) Query plan for query using filter with variable number of parameters is incorrectly re-used
by Mike Q (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HBX-1168) Add properties description when generating documentation
by David Pilato (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5391) JUnit fails when we try to execute "Update queries via SQL"
by Dhaval Patel (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5450) Update and delete in one go
by Vishal Agarwal (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HSEARCH-568) Unable to push stagged releases because hibernate-search-testing does not deploy the sources artifacts
by Emmanuel Bernard (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Commented: (HHH-4407) Add support for custom code-based enums in EnumType - such as mapping ISO codes to gender Enums
by Sachinkumar Kantilal Tailor (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Commented: (HHH-1909) Incomplete insert and update using <<insert="false" update="false">>
by Mario Balaban (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Assigned: (HHH-1570) criteria-api: filtering by key-many-to-one causes invalid sql
by Steve Ebersole (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-4904) result of 'join fetch' query is incorrectly cached
by Geoff Crain (JIRA)
13 years, 1 month
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