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[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5408) Revise JPA compliance wording used in documentation according to Oracle policies
by Emmanuel Bernard (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5315) AuditJoinTable rows are no longer flushed to the database
by Erik-Berndt Scheper (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Commented: (HHH-956) MSSQL: Distinct queries require all ORDER BY attributes to be selected.
by Wendy Schmitz (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (ANN-663) @JoinColumn must be set for @AssociationOverride to work
by Bas van den Berg (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HBX-1166) hbm2dll: Foreign key creation on wrong attribute with conflicting name
by Marc Schipperheyn (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5433) Inconsistent jdk versions for hibernate3.jar and org/hibernate/cache/infinispan/tm/HibernateTransactionManagerLookup.class
by Luis Carvajal (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-5212) Alter SQLFunction contract to be more flexible
by Steve Ebersole (JIRA)
13 years, 11 months
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