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[JIRA] (HHH-16665) False positive HibernateException: Found shared references to a collection with 6.2.2
by Andrea Boriero (JIRA)
12 months
[JIRA] (HHH-16678) AssertionError in QueryLiteral.<init> when using "update versioned Entity ..." if @Version is a long
by Damien GIBOU (JIRA)
12 months
[JIRA] (HHH-16673) Fail to get access lazy fetched field ( @ManyToOne ) which is part of a composite Id (using an @IdClass) when stored in L2 cache
by Erwan Moutymbo (JIRA)
12 months
[JIRA] (HHH-16682) Changes in @JdbcTypeCode(SqlTypes.JSON) are not written to DB
by Čedomir Igaly (JIRA)
12 months
[JIRA] (HHH-16719) Upgrading from 6.1.7.Final to 6.2.2.Final breaks Criteria queries for model with inheritance
by Bjørn Hilstad (JIRA)
12 months
[JIRA] (HHH-16713) Bogus warning : "HHH100001: JDBC driver did not return the expected number of row counts...."
by Marcel Wollschläger (JIRA)
12 months
12 months
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