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[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2269) Many-to-one cascade fails with TransientObjectException if the inverse collection is marked CascadeType.DELETE_ORPHAN
by Edward Costello (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2277) bidirectional <key-many-to-one> both lazy=false fetch=join lead to infinite loop
by Emmanuel Bernard (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2268) JDK Bug 5062759 Breaks Hibernate Introspection
by James Olsen (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (EJB-225) EntityManager.find infinite loop related to ANN-381
by John Schneider (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2309) fetch only the lazy property needed
by German de la Cruz (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Erstellt: (HHH-2224) executeUpdate causes coarse cache invalidation
by Stefan Fleiter (JIRA)
12 years, 6 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2339) merge instumented class fails
by Alexey Romanchuk (JIRA)
12 years, 7 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2388) Insert w/ identity column fails on Sybase but no exception occurs
by Tim Morrow (JIRA)
12 years, 7 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-2190) JDBCTransaction.isActive() should report false if jdbcContext.connection().isClosed()
by Jeffrey Bennett (JIRA)
12 years, 7 months
[Hibernate-JIRA] Created: (HHH-1989) Deleted object remains referenced in 2nd level cache collections
by Justin Haddad (JIRA)
12 years, 8 months
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