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[hibernate/hibernate-orm] d4f934: fix some warnings and other misc cleanups to .cfg ...
by Gavin King
3 hours, 14 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-orm] e80892: fix typo
by Gavin King
6 hours, 56 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-orm] f9141e: Add additional test
by Andrea Boriero
7 hours, 17 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-orm] abe0cc: javadoc for @NotFound and NotFoundAction
by Gavin King
7 hours, 41 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-orm] 13b00f: massive cleanup of AnnotationBinder
by Gavin King
9 hours, 14 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-orm] 9a22e6: Do not eagerly create a table group for implicit j...
by Christian Beikov
9 hours, 17 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-validator] b373d5: Bump ffi from 1.9.10 to 1.15.5 in /documentation/s...
by dependabot[bot]
9 hours, 43 minutes
[hibernate/hibernate-validator] cddd0d: HV-1871 Use maven-gpg-plugin on release
by Yoann Rodière
9 hours, 43 minutes
9 hours, 53 minutes
9 hours, 54 minutes
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