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[JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBAS-9446) Setting up of application specific logging context still does not work
by Leonid Kosmylev (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBAS-8318) Deployment fails for a war containing CXF jar with error: mapped-name is required for cxf.
by Pierre Demyan (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBAS-8384) Passivation of a @Stateful session bean with an @Inject'ed @Stateless session bean fails with not-serializable error.
by Ken Britton (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-5255) Deployed log4j.properties does not affect non log4j logging systems
by Patrick Ruckstuhl (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-5464) RESTeasy component integration is not limited to EJB's and managed beans
by Stuart Douglas (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-4127) Intermittent failure in RemotingSubsystemTestCase.testSubsystemWithConnectorPropertyChange()
by Ondrej Zizka (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-3632) Re-enable RemotingSubsystemTestCase.testSubsystemWithBadConnectorProperty
by Tomaz Cerar (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBRULES-3389) OSGi-fy drools-spring and drools-camel modules
by Alexander Filipchik (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-3346) Security audit logging problem
by Jan Lanik (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (AS7-4680) Logout a remote client from server and clearing login module cache.
by Serkan Yıldırım (JIRA)
8 years, 8 months
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