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[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3426) Factor out EndpointService logic and update EndpointServiceDA
by Alessio Soldano (JIRA)
11 years, 7 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3396) Evaluate partial generation of jbossws-cxf.xml descriptor
by Alessio Soldano (Created) (JIRA)
11 years, 7 months
[JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBWS-2671) org.jboss.ws.core.soap.SOAPMessageImpl does not implement setProperty and getProperty methods
by Edward Pilipczuk (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] Created: (JBWS-1439) Jdk 1.6.0 Requests get the error "setProperty must be overridden by all subclasses of SOAPMessage"
by Denis Angleton (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3441) Support CDI interceptors for POJO JAX-WS services
by Paul Robinson (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3541) SubjectCreatingInterceptor.createSubject does not return principals in the correct order
by Matt Wringe (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3511) WSDL parsing exception: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.
by Biljana Kramer (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3479) Implement @org.jboss.ws.api.annotation.WebContext support for POJO endpoints
by Richard Opalka (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
[JBoss JIRA] (JBWS-3509) Convert project to use i18n logging and exceptions
by James Perkins (JIRA)
11 years, 8 months
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